Gabriel is a third generation builder-painter. Along with the theoretical knowledge he has also accumulated significant practical experience. Renata is a qualified mural artist and creating is our shared passion.

We have long learnt: to be happy and satisfied in our work, we need happy and satisfied customers above all. So precision and careful planning are therefore very important to us from the very beginning. We like to think of any project completed by us as it was for our own personal use. Because we know, the quality I expect of ourself will meet the expectations of our customers as well. This way, the perfect result is guaranteed. Our can-do attitude helps us to look for solutions no matter what the problem we are facing. Due to our time management system and effective communication, the customer is kept updated at each and every stage of the work.

We do not make such promises that our work is the best quality or risk or hassle free. You can find these statements elsewhere. We can only promise that we will do everything in our capacity to make you happy and satisfied with our work.


Renata Fincza                Mural painting – Painting

Gabriel Fincza Renovations - Painting

Gabriel Fincza   Renovations – Painting